Girly movie and… school consolidation?

Shawn Magrath

So as I mentioned in my last post, I had planned (and I use the word “planned” very loosely) to go see “The Vow” with my wife last weekend. As expected, the movie got me into trouble because according to the wife, I “don’t do anything that romantic.” True. In a theater full of roughly 150 people, about a tenth of them were guys who had also “planned” to be there and are now paying the price – I’m sure I wasn’t the only one of them in a lobby full of estrogen and teary eyes who was in deep trouble with their other, better looking half. Thanks for setting the bar a bit too high again, classic chick flick. Next time, I’m picking the movie.

Switching gears, I had a great time speaking with Sheila Marshman over the phone last week. Marshman will be speaking at the UN on March 1st, as I mentioned in today’s story. Before beginning work at The Evening Sun, the extent of my agricultural expertise covered only the basics; plants grow from the dirt and cows need to eat. But with each ag. related story I write, I’m learning more and more, and I’ve grown a great deal of respect for the agricultural market in the county. My perceptions of plants and cows have been made anew in the light of local agriculturists.

With talk of consolidation surfacing once again in today’s paper, I wonder about the future of Chenango County. 21 townships, (8 villages?), and one city in a county of 50,000 – seems like there should be some tightening of the belt someplace. I read a 30 sec. post that suggested we consolidate school districts because paying one superintendent would be more lucrative than paying for ten. There might be some truth to this, and if someone can figure out a financially sound way to do this without overcrowding classrooms and subjecting kids to a four-hour-one-way bus ride while still maintaining a reasonable student to teacher ratio in closely supervised educational environment, I will follow that someone like the Jews followed Moses in the desert for forty years – without question. Good luck with your idea, 30 seconds ranter.