A day for presidents, #113, (the infamous) MFN and more…

Brian Golden

No school, no court, no City Hall, no County Office Building … hmm … it must be President’s Day! Which, alas, meant I had to dig (and dig … and dig) for today’s story, not a big surprise considering the vast majority of my sources have the day off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but even I have to admit it’s more-than-a-little frustrating sitting here in the office while others are out and about enjoying this beautiful (if a tad chilly) February day.

Such is life, I suppose. And with little else to do, I guess I’ll get started on this week’s column once I finish this, my 113th Evening Sun blog, which puts me all alone in fourth place as our hometown daily’s most prolific blogger.

Not that anyone really cares … right, Jeff?

An interesting comment in today’s print edition of ‘30 Seconds’ (and by interesting I mean totally clueless) from the one and only Man from Norwich, who stated, “Enough of this nonsense on television already. She had one hit song and she was a drugged-out alcoholic,” to which my esteemed editor replied, “The one hit song part is a bit inaccurate, at least.”

I’m guessing (as is Ed., I’m sure) that the caller was referring to the late, great Whitney Houston. And while I certainly wasn’t her biggest fan, I’m quite sure she had more than one hit. That said, I too am getting tired of all the coverage. As I heard just the other day, millions die and no one cries … one dies and millions cry. Houston’s death is tragic, it’s true, yet her problems with the booze and the drugs were well documented and … I’m sorry to say … these things tend to happen when that is the case.

On a happier note … for you Wheel of Time fans out there, at least … a release date has (finally) been announced for the Robert Jordan- and Brandon Sanderson-penned “A Memory of Light,” which will wrap-up one of the greatest epic fantasy series of all time. I know I’m excited (as is my co-worker, Mr. Julian Kappel) for the conclusion of a story I first began reading back in 1999 or so, as are millions of other WOTers out there. Sanderson – who took over the series following Jordan’s death in 2007 – has done a fantastic job finishing what the master himself started with “The Eye of the World” in 1990 and deserves a serious pat on the back for a job well done.

With that, I think I’ll get started on that column I spoke of (I’m considering several topics even as I wrap-up this blog) and … once 4 o’clock rolls around … I’ll be doing my best to enjoy at least a little bit of that sunshine.