Let’s go to the movies again

Shawn Magrath

After my last complaining rant about paying $30 for my wife and I to go to the movies (2 admissions, 1 large soda, 1 large popcorn) I specifically remember pledging that it would be a long time before returning – perhaps when pigs fly, hell freezes over or, the much less likely, when politicians agree on health reform. My resistance was mainly because it would take a long time to save up that kind of extra money again. Not to mention, it’s just not worth paying that much money to got to the movies. I usually get stuck near the front where my neck hurts by the end of the movie, no one around me chews with their mouth closed so I hear the rotten “smack-cruch-smack-crunch-smack-crunch” of 50 other people eating popcorn, and it’s too dark to ever see whatever it is that’s making the floor sticky.

But the wife seems to have enjoyed all of it.

Yes, not even a month after my last visit to the movie theater which left me with nothing in my wallet except a driver’s license, a fist full of IOUs and a few moths, my wife decided we should go again. Apparently, that was an easy decision for her to make – the more difficult decision will be what bill isn’t going to be paid on time this month.

“Fine, if we must go again, let’s pick a good movie. And by good, I mean something with a lot of explosions, or something with car chase or gun fight, or something that makes me rip the arms off my seat off in terror – you know, something worth seeing on the big screen. No? We aren’t going to see any of those? Well, how about a movie that we can agree on? A comedy? Adventure? No? Well… what should we see?”

Over the years, my wife and I have learned the process of compromise; We each have equal strength in the initial voting process when it comes to things like deciding which movie to see. And in the event of the all too common tie vote, we refer to a tie breaking re-vote, in which my wife happily assumes a two-thirds vote. So, given our movie dilemma, we “compromised” on seeing a romantic drama. Thank goodness for a compromising system that works for everyone, huh? Through the unwritten rule of democratic marriage, we voted to see “The Vow.”

“Well… that’ll be fun.”