Perch derbies, mall rats and bat attacks

Brian Golden

Well, it looks like colder temperatures will allow for the annual Chenango Lake Perch Derby to at last take place on Saturday, although I’m certainly not going to step foot on the ice (sorry, too cold for me). And I have to laugh at the people (including you, Frank) who seem to think the event would still go on if there was any doubt as to the safety of said ice’s thickness.

Then again, I seem to remember a story about a truck several years ago …

As for me, I have an even more dangerous undertaking in mind for the weekend, also known as a trip to the mall. Yes, the family and I have planned a Johnson City excursion for Saturday, one I’m sure will lead to chaos, unpredictable and childish behavior (not necessarily initiated by the children) and a spree of spending glee. Which is fine, really, because my trips to the mall are fairly rare. And considering there’s a Guitar Center just a hop, skip and/or jump away … well … I suppose I’ll be OK.

And now, my Weird and Wacky Occurrence of the Week …
Time: Approximately 6:45 a.m. Date: February 14, 2012. Place: Nearing the Price Chopper intersection located on State Highway 12, south of the city. Weird and Wacky Occurrence of the Week: An obviously disoriented bat making a dive at my driver’s side window (luckily for me it was rolled up) before pulling up short and swooping away.

Talk about creepy. Even worse was the fact that I couldn’t seem to dismiss an image of what could’ve occurred if the little bugger had actually made it into the car, a thought that gave me the creepy crawlies all the way to the State Police barracks.

Two days later and it’s still giving me the creeps.