But I just got an iPad 2…

Shawn Magrath

There’s something about Fridays that makes time seem to stand still, regardless of how busy I try to be.

I had a good day in McDonough today – a place that I’ve kind of neglected since beginning here at the paper. My apologies. A big thanks to everyone I’ve met out that way so far. You have been more than welcoming and it’s changing some of my biased opinions of hill folk, though I’m still on the lookout for the Clampett truck.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means I have to think of something to do for my significant other. Excuse me, I have to think of something outstanding to do on a very tight budget for my significant other. Why must saying “I love you” be so expensive (and the jewelry commercials on TV aren’t helping any). Maybe I’ll be spending the weekend making paper mache flowers and a macaroni necklace (and perhaps I’ll get a really cool pair of toilet paper tube binoculars). Stupid Valentine’s Day.

So Apple is unveiling its new iPad 3 soon. And just in time, as I’m sure so many people are sick of the iPad 2 they got for Christmas. Money spent on technology seems useless if whatever I buy is outdated in less than a year. I want something I’m going to get a return of investment on, not something I need to replace before taking it out of the box. Oh, how grand to read an entire iPad 3 user manual only to find an advertisement for the latest Apple product on the back cover: “iPad 4 now available.” It might be a better idea to buy another week’s groceries instead.