Editor’s Notebook: 2/8/12

Jeff Genung

• So “tomorrow” turned into “Wednesday,” but here it is – Blog # 217! Woohoo! Why the uncharacteristic use of exclamation points, you ask? Well, as an astute reader pointed out to me (I honestly forgot our website tracked such things), I have now surpassed the much-missed Melissa Stagnaro as The Evening Sun’s most prolific blogger. Trust me, it’s a milestone only in our own minds, but Melissa would appreciate my gloating. Competitive girl, she was.

• Shawn’s story today made me want to break down and finally try out the Caboose diner in downtown Norwich. Sounds like owner/chef/chief bottle washer Kris Passafiume has done a great job with the place. I still have misty, water-colored (or, more likely, smoke-clouded) memories of Millie’s, the restaurant’s storied predecessor. Like the honey badger of recent YouTube fame, Millie didn’t take no *@%^. Especially when you were young, loud, obnoxious and drunk at 2 a.m. after having just stumbled out of Smitty’s. Believe me, I know. But damn I miss those over-easies.

• Congratulations to my friend Karen Sastri, the NBT exec recently elected to the New York State United Way’s Board of Directors. See, Karen? Told you I wouldn’t embellish your biography :) Nice to see Chenango being represented well on the state level!