Great Progress and (long sigh) another debate.

Shawn Magrath

Wow, am I glad it’s Friday. I have nothing to really complain about from the last week but each day seemed defy the laws of time and space, lasting much longer than the day before.

Speaking of things lasting much longer than they should, another republican primary aired last night. In case you’re wondering, I believe that was debate number 25. There have been seven debates in January alone. That’s right, there have been more debates in the last few weeks than there have been new episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” Then again, maybe we needed to see another debate last night; after all, it had been a whopping four days since the last one.

As part of my own agenda, my graduate courses begin again next week, just when I worried that I was getting too much free time after my Progress Chenango adventure.

Progress Chenango, by the way, was well worth the work put into it – not just for readers, but for me too. It was a great experience and an eye opener to see that while local businesses have their share of successes from the past year, state funding continues to hinder local non profits. All in all, to me anyway, it hardly seems fair that some larger corporations like Norwich Pharmaceuticals can plan to invest more money into the company than it has in the last ten years while places like the Norwich City School District and Opportunities for Chenango are forced to tweak their budget and brace for another year of hard fiscal cuts in the state’s budget.

But that’s not to say that this year’s growth in the private sector hasn’t been great news for the county. After all, the expansion of local industries brings the need for more employees and the need for new employees leads to a healthier local economy. Frontier Communications, in particular, has had a tremendous year and their growth led to hiring more than 130 people in the area and that really is good news so all is not doom an gloom in the area. Chenango County really is making its mark.

I really appreciate the opportunity to talk to everyone during my first experience with Progress. Yeah, it meant extra time spent staring at my computer screen at night and less time doing something… you know… fun, but it was well worth it. Check out the last two sections of Progress in today’s paper.