Progress, State of the Union, MVAs and Big Blue

Brian Golden

We Evening Sun staff writers can whine and moan all we want, but when it’s all said and done, there’s definitely something special about living through another successful year of the controlled chaos that is Progress Chenango. Sure, it means extra work. And yes, it can be more-than-a-little stressful, but in the end, it really is worth it, which is why today’s column was dedicated to our annual Progress Edition.

And now that it’s over, onward and upward.

Well, I completely forgot all about last night’s State of the Union address, much to my dismay (thank God for You Tube, right?). Not that it matters, really, considering all I have to do is check out ‘30 Seconds’ and – more often than not – I can get a feel of sorts for how it all panned out. Republicans and other right-leaning voters calling our president names and blaming all manner of problems on his decisions (many of which have absolutely nothing to do with his decisions)? Chances are (if that’s the case … which it was), I would’ve applauded our Commander in Chief. Sorry, but I happen to think the middle class deserves a chance and – if Obama is not re-elected – let’s just say I’m of the firm opinion that we’re pretty much … err … you know … done for.

Never a dull moment, eh? Just about to put dinner in the oven yesterday afternoon when a call came in over the scanner reporting a two-car motor vehicle accident in the Town of Oxford. And even though it’s my job to jump in the car and proceed to the site of such events (as quickly as possible, I might add), that doesn’t mean I get any kind of warm, fuzzy feeling when it happens. Personally, I try to look at it from a different perspective, in that it’s my responsibility – a privilege, really – to snap some photos of our county’s emergency and law enforcement personnel in action. I certainly hate to see people get hurt and – if that should ever change – I suppose it would be time to call it a day. I may be a journalist, but I do have a heart. Really, I do.

In other news … my New York Football Giants are headed – unbelievably – to the Super Bowl. Not sure how they got there, but I can honestly say I’m beyond excited. What can I say? I have fond memories of Super Bowls XXI (vs. Broncos), XXV (vs. Bills) and XLII (vs. Patriots). Super Bowl XXXV (vs. Ravens) … well, not so much. This time around it’s the Patriots once again and (obviously) I’m hoping for a repeat performance from Big Blue. GO GIANTS!