Editor’s Notebook: 1/25/12

Jeff Genung

• Not really a big shocker that the proposed ambulance district got shot down yesterday in both New Berlin and Columbus – judging by ‘30 Seconds,’ anyway. I’m not sure people really understood what they were voting on despite our best efforts to keep them informed, but the mob mentality was certainly against it. I can’t help but hear the late Kathy O’Hara’s voice in my head sometimes — when discussing editorial topics, she’d say, in her best Chenango twang, “Are we fer it, er agin’ it?” Stay tuned; I’m sure there’s more to this story.

• Accidents are never good news, of course, but they do often make for great pictures. We used a couple in the print edition today (that intersection in Oxford has been scary since I was a little kid), but I put even more of Brian’s photos up on our Facebook page because, darn it, helicopter rescues are pretty dramatic.

• Progress Chenango 2012 continues to roll out this week – sections 5 and 6 were in today’s edition. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments so far, which is exactly what we’re looking for. Not positive as in “praise us, we’re wonderful” (although that’s always nice, too), but as in “wow, Chenango’s really got something special going on.” That’s why we do it, you know — to highlight the “Progress” our community is making every day. And there’s a lot of it!

• Caught quite a bit of the State of the Union address last night, although I admit to nodding off near the end (I’m getting old, what can I say?) My favorite part isn’t necessarily the speech itself (that gets analyzed and ripped apart ad nauseam immediately after and for days), but rather the entrance shots. Watching the President arrive anywhere is always a tad awe-inspiring, but at the State of the Union in particular I’d pay to be a fly on the wall. All those politicians jockey for position to get close to the aisle as the president walks in, each hoping to get his attention – or curry his favor – for 15 seconds or so. If only the commentators weren’t chattering over every barely discernible syllable … I’d love to know how the president’s ear was bent last night.