Editor’s Notebook: 1/23/12

Jeff Genung

• As of early this afternoon, I am officially done with Progress Chenango 2012. For you, of course, it’s just beginning – with Sections 1 and 2 (of 10!) included in today’s paper. If you haven’t seen our Progress editions before, a.) Why are you reading this blog? and b.) I think you’ll really be amazed at the tremendous amount of business success, innovation and ingenuity that we have going on here. I know I am, and I’ve seen every one of ‘em.

• Someone called today and asked, in all seriousness, if a certain town supervisor requires that he read our notes after a reporter attends a town meeting and “approves” them. Umm, no. Supervisors and town boards may well approve the official minutes taken by the town clerk, but not those of a reporter. Ever. Sorry, caller, if I choked a little bit on that one. Whoever told you that was pulling your leg, or amazingly ignorant.

• Congratulations to Brad Ward, the latest in a long line of Eagle Scout Wards. Julian’s done a couple nice stories on Brad’s recognition and his Eagle Scout project at Rotary Park. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Brad act his heart out on the Sherburne-Earlville stage a few times, too. Good kid. Always nice when we’re able to highlight the achievements of high school students, particularly (for me, anyway) off the playing field. If you know of more who deserve the spotlight, give us a call!

• Wow, you really can’t shake a stick … err … spoon … without hitting a story on Chobani in the media these days. While we’ve done about a hundred of our own, of course, I decided to give the Associated Press version front page play today too, especially since it addressed the whole Greek yogurt craze in general. If you’re reading this, Agro Farma, I have not had a chance to taste test the pomegranate flavor yet. Please and thank you.