Dipping into life savings to go to the movies.

Shawn Magrath

After a day of feeling a little under the weather, I’m ready to get some 40 degree fresh air. Days like this just make me wish a little bit harder for spring.

It was a good weekend for me, filled with no plans and no particular place to be – a nice change of pace for a weekend. The wife and I went to a move and $30 later (admit two for the movie, one small soda and one small popcorn), I can say that I if we start saving now, we’ll be able to do it again by the year 2015… as long as we don’t really need groceries that week too. When did the movies get so expensive? (Side note: We saw “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” I thought it was OK but I set the bar pretty high and it didn’t quite live up to my expectations).

Speaking of high expectations (nice segue, right?), the first two sections of Progress Chenango came out in today’s paper. The next two will be in tomorrow’s paper, sections five and six in Wednesday’s and… well you see where this is going. Anyhow, if you’re curious to see what some of the county’s biggest for profit and non profit organizations are up to, it’s worth checking out ( and it’s some of the finest writing out there, if I do say so myself).

It’s Superbowl season and as one who isn’t really a football fan, I just thought it was worth mentioning since Superbowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday in this country. I don’t care about the game (or the commercials) but I think I’ll order a pizza that night anyway – just so I don’t feel left out. GO GIANTS… or Patriots… Whatever, I don’t care.