Editor’s Notebook: 1/20/12

Jeff Genung

• TGIF! Well, for me it’s still about Wednesday afternoon. I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me, office-bound, finishing off the last few sections of Progress Chenango 2012. The 10-section, 70-page extravaganza rolls out starting in Monday’s Evening Sun with sections 1 and 2. Check your local newsstands for the most comprehensive picture of Chenango County’s economic climate you’ll find! I’m always amazed at the tremendous amount of ingenuity, innovation and perseverance displayed by our local business community – and I hope that after you’ve read through what is our greatest effort of the year, that you will be too.

• The District Attorney’s office was busy this week – the grand jury handed up 17 indictments. The things people do … always an interesting read.

• Today was the last day of a two-week stint for our BOCES intern Darien Grippaldi (he’s the one who took all of our snowfall photos for Facebook last week). Though his formal internship has ended, he’s asked to stick around the newsroom and learn even more. I think it’s pretty neat that we’re a small enough operation to provide these types of opportunities for interested students. I guess we’re a charming bunch, to boot.

• Someone on ‘30 Seconds’ suggested that technological advancements might make it possible – and prudent – for us to administer breathalyzer tests before allowing people to post on our popular reader reaction line. What? And spoil all the fun? Friends certainly don’t let friends drive drunk, but I’m pretty sure that they encourage them to post to online forums anonymously drunk.

• Anonymously drunk? That sentence was pretty clunky, but it’s Friday afternoon and my grammar-vision is fading fast. Have a nice weekend, everyone!