Editor’s Notebook: 1/17/12

Jeff Genung

• Finally some good news about Kurt Beyer Pool! The Greater Norwich Foundation has stepped up to the plate … err, diving board … and pledged a hefty chunk of change towards the pool’s repair – with the smart caveat that the city pony up and follow through on their end, too. Similar pledges will show that Norwich’s charitable trusts really are there when you need them – thanks to their generosity, Norwich’s hot and bothered might just have a place to cool off this summer. Kudos too to the Facebook efforts of the “Save Kurt Beyer Pool” page which will see average citizens (those without the multi-million dollar checkbooks) pitching in to do their part, as well. People from all walks of life uniting for the greater good … kinda makes you proud to live in Norwich, no?

• I have to give a tip of the hat … err, rifle scope? My metaphors are strained today … to the organizers of the Bob McNitt Foundation, recently formed to honor the memory of The Evening Sun’s longtime colleague (and my old friend) Bob McNitt, whose outdoor sports column graced these pages for decades. The foundation is seeking support to start up an archery program at the Norwich Middle School, which sounds like it would have been right up Bob’s alley. I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with an arrow when I was in Middle School (the late Mr. Tryon would certainly attest), but still it sounds like a wonderful program of which Bob would have been proud to have been a part.

• I tweeted earlier that I’ve been eating a lot of Cheez-Its lately. I’m on my second box since Progress began. This might be the death of me. Headed home now for a (hopefully) sensible dinner and then it’s back to the grind – tonight, Progress Section 4! Woo-hoo.