Just a little clarity, please

Shawn Magrath

I suppose we all knew that winter would rear its ugly and bitter cold head sometime. There’s no better way to rekindle my love for wool socks than subzero temperatures.

So progress… Actually there isn’t much more to say about progress that hasn’t already been said. But after a very low key weekend, I was anxious to come back to work today. I guess I’m still propelled by the momentum of my first experience with Progress Chenango. It’s like running with weights; when that extra weight is shed, running comes a lot easier. So too is how it works the week after progress, I guess.

I’m trying to keep an eye on the feats and failures of all the GOP candidates, I really am. I’m someone who takes my 30 seconds in the voting booth very seriously and want to be sure I vote for the best person to rework the grooves in the chair behind the desk in the oval office. But I’m finding it incredibly difficult this election year. Actually, with all the mudslinging from both ends of the political spectrum, I’m not really clear on where any candidates, including the current President, stand on any one particular issue. So from now on, I would appreciate it if all debate moderators rephrased their questions to closed ended questions that only require a “Yes” or “No” response from each candidate. Let’s see if then I can cut through some of the crap that’s said. Easy enough, right? “Yes.”

While it seemed unlikely that the pool would open again for the second year in a row, some people are stepping up to raise the money to have the pool fixed by summer. I can’t say that I personally have ever used (or ever will use) a public pool for my own reasons but I really respect those that see the pool as a valuable asset to the community. Kudos to everyone taking the initiative to preserve it.