Editor’s Notebook: 1/16/12

Jeff Genung

• Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Err … happy? Never sure if we’re supposed to be happy or solemn. No matter … seems like I’m the only one working today anyway.

• Cold enough for ya? Stop asking me that, seriously. I’ve ordered my Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers, if that tells you anything.

• While the reporters’ deadline for Progress stories came and went Friday without any casualties (at least one newsroom sleepover nothwithstanding), my work started in earnest Saturday morning. So far, so good – I’ll be assembling the rest of the 10-section behemoth every night this week and well into next weekend. Start looking for the fruits of our labors in next Monday’s Evening Sun.

• On a related note, Progress kept me in the office Saturday night well past the time when anyone should be awake on Lackawanna Avenue – and yet it seems everyone was. I’m normally not scared of my own shadow, but I certainly made sure all the blinds were closed and doors locked. This, my friends, is a rough neighborhood at night.

• Kudos to Jessica Lange, whose unforgettable turn as twisted ghost whisperer Constance Langdon on FX’s “American Horror Story” won her a much-deserved Golden Globe last night. The only award I really cared about, and of course I missed it. Because I switched the channel to “Downton Abbey,” of course.