Editor’s Notebook: 1/10/12

Jeff Genung

• No city pool this summer? Well you’d think … wait a minute, I already did that one. And so did every Tom, Dick and Harry on ‘30 Seconds.’ Next!

• As if Progress time at The Evening Sun weren’t bad enough (see 347 previous references), we’ve done lost our photographer – at least temporarily. Well, we know where he is – Frank’s at home recuperating from a minor procedure. All will be well, but we’re without his trusty trigger finger for about two weeks. Luckily, the reporters know how to point and shoot. Still, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, Chico!

• It’s Primary Day in New Hampshire! I try as much as possible to leave my personal politics out of the newspaper (I’ve been “outed” as a Democrat, Republican, and Nazi over the years — but no Green Party, yet), I must say I breathe a little sigh of relief now that Michelle Bachmann (and by extension, her Ghost of Elections Past doppleganger Sarah Palin) is out of the race. Phew! Missed it by thatmuch.

• On to more important matters, I have to say I’m a little unhealthily obsessed with “Downton Abbey,” which began its second season on PBS Sunday night. I came across it rather serendipitously on Netflix the day after Christmas, and binged on season one for seven hours. If you’re into the whole period drama thing, this one’s for you.

• Got a great call this afternoon from a reader who preferred to remain anonymous, saying he had a great story tip for us. And you know what? He did! Sometimes I cringe when I hear those words, as the caller/writer usually follows it with an accusatory tone, or a “story” which doesn’t qualify as such. Sure, not all tips pan out, but for those that do — we’re extremely grateful. And always willing to listen! Soooo much more credence is given to those who contact us directly rather than relying on the aforementioned ‘30 Seconds.’ Although I have to say, needle in a haystack wise, we have garnered a few choice tidbits from that as well over the years.