Editor’s Notebook: 1/6/12

Jeff Genung

• I know if March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion. But what about January? Didn’t even need a jacket today.

• And so we begin the annual spate of columns, blogs and tweets bemoaning our upcoming Progress edition. I’ll try to lay off it as much as possible, knowing you’ll be digesting a lot of it from my trusty reporting staff. They’re entering the home stretch, with a story deadline of next Friday. And that’s when my fun begins. Saturday, actually, and for the next 14 or so grueling days. I’m really excited to see what this year’s Progress Chenango (coming to a newsstand near you Jan. 23-27) will bring, but like so many things, it will feel sooo good when it’s over.

• See that ad in the upper right corner for a Front Desk Receptionist? That’s a job opening right here at The Evening Sun (and a little bit of the Pennysaver). The ad does a pretty good job spelling out the requirements, but what it doesn’t tell you is that my dear, departing (perhaps ‘retiring’ is a better word) Jan Rowe is completely and utterly irreplaceable. So yeah, Candidate X, good luck with that.

• No Kurt Beyer pool? Again this summer? While I can’t say I’ve ever (or would ever) swim in a community pool, I do recognize what a tremendous loss this is for the city’s kids – and many of their parents. With all the things we can seem to find funding for, it seems like pretty shoddy planning on the part of the city that they haven’t found (or saved) any money to fix it. The pool wasn’t hit by a meteor; it deteriorated over time – time that city officials should have been planning to fund its maintenance and repair. Many have chimed in about private enterprise stepping up to the plate like they did with the downtown parks – and that may well happen – but pretty soon we’ll consider nothing part of the city’s proprietary infrastructure. I refuse to help advertise a bake sale to help pay for repaving Mitchell Street.

• If you’re not, you should be following me on Twitter … @evesunjeff. It’s 2012 people; get with the times.