Progress, the GOP and “Aliens in the Attic”

Brian Golden

Well, it’s certainly looking (and feeling) a lot more like winter out there, isn’t it? And here I was, just last week, bemoaning the unlikelihood of a white Christmas. I guess I should’ve kept my mouth shut, because this is not my idea of fun.

What can I say? For someone born and raised here in good-old Chenango County I have very little in the way of tolerance when it comes to freezing cold temperatures. And – if you hadn’t noticed – it’s freezing (and cold) out there.

Moving on … as is typically the case between the dates of December 26 and January 2, the newsroom is a bit … mellower … than normal. Thank goodness we have Progress 2012 to keep us busy, right? Regardless, I’m feeling confident at this point (deadline is only a hop, skip and jump away) and I’m looking forward to putting another Progress Chenango behind me.

Oh, and turning 35, as well. I’m looking forward to that, too. Unfortunately, Progress + birthday falling on day before Progress deadline + Progress deadline falling on Friday the 13th = scary and not a whole lot of fun.

Being the liberal-minded, Obama fan that I am, I must admit I’m thoroughly enjoying the scrambling, name-calling and all-in-all ridiculousness of the GOP presidential front-runners as the Iowa caucuses approach. Sorry, but one would think the Republican party could come up with at least one halfway decent candidate for the presidency. No offense, but this current group of GOP-ers – no joke – scare me half to death. In fact, they seem so out-of-whack in regards to the real problems facing most Americans that I truly wonder if they really even care. These days, it’s more about power, greed and money than it is about serving the general public … and that’s where things have gone wrong, wrong, wrong.

Watching the 2009 family science fiction adventure “Aliens In the Attic” with Renee and the kids the other night, I just had to laugh when both 12-year-old Jade and 8-year-old Blaine asked what that weird looking thing with the rotary dial and the handset was (a old-school, 1980’s type rotary phone). In fact, the entire conversation concerning communication in the days before the cell phone (let alone digital, cordless phone) was my inspiration for this week’s Evening Sun column. Kids are awesome.

And now, back to Progress. Must … focus …