Ready for 2012, the final year

Shawn Magrath

Another holiday season gone by and another year of regret and shame in just how many Christmas cookies I ate. Only ten more months until the start of the next Christmas season.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was as good as mine – even if you didn’t really get your “Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle…” yeah, I didn’t get one either. Actually, gifts aren’t really my thing. Something about having people watch me open a gift just turns me off. I’m incredibly thankful for whatever I get but anyone like me knows to wait until other people are opening their gift, then tear off the wrapping paper as quickly as possible so no one is watching.

I guess the next big focus is on the new year, which I don’t usually think should qualify as a holiday but this year’s different because by now, we all know that 2012 is the year the world ends so if there are any other “holidays” you want to celebrate/create, this is the year to do it. In fact – if you really believe in the Mayan calendar and their day of ultimate doom – I say do whatever you want. Go sky diving, take your dream vacation when you feel like it, steal a car, tell your boss how you feel about them. Why not? Just have a plan B… you know… just in case December 22 (the day after “doomsday”) is just another morning to get up and go to work (unless you told your boss how you felt). Personally, I’m going to stay low and I don’t plan to max out my credit card between now and then.

Anyone following Syracuse basketball knows that tonight’s a big night. Syracuse hosts Seton Hall at the Carrier Dome – arguably their biggest match up of the season. I usually don’t care about watching televised sports but during the college basketball season, it’s a different story. Foam finger… Check. Jersey… Check. Beer helmet (filled with yoo-hoo, of course)… Check. Back up remote for when my wife inevitably changes the channel… Still a work in progress. Maybe I won’t be watching the game.