Shawn Magrath

So this is my last blog before Christmas.

I have to give kudos to The Place and the Norwich City School District and all volunteers and donors in this year’s annual clothing drive. I had the chance to go see clothes distributed Wednesday afternoon – after two long (but pretty interesting) “Progress Chenango” interviews.

I know that most people are eternally grateful for all the efforts of coordinators, volunteers and patrons who took part in the this year’s school / The Place clothing drive but I was taken back by a select few who, with little regard to what had been given them, barely uttered an audible “thanks” as they turned around and walked out the doors of the distribution center… of course, holding a bag full of new clothes that they had been handed out of community benevolence and good charity. I know these people make up a very small sliver of the majority but even 3 or 4 ingrates out of the 215 served is far too many. When someone offers a gift, it shouldn’t be taken as if it were expected of them to give it. They deserve a real genuine, unrestrained, from-the-bottom-of-the-heart, “Thank You” delivered in such a polite way that it almost gives them diabetes. Christmas jerks.

On a completely unrelated note, HBO has is airing a film called “Game Change” in March. It’s a film about the 2008 elections with Ed Harris playing the part of John McCain, Woody Harrelson as McCain’s adviser Steve Schmidt, and – lest we forget – Sarah Palin played by Julian Moore… am I the only one who thinks that this film wasn’t really necessary? Does anyone really want to watch that election in movie format? Besides, I already have an idea of how the movie’s going to end and even if I didn’t, I’m sure the ending of the movie would be pretty predictable (just like the real 2008 election). As dumb of an idea that I think the movie sounds, I’m sure I have more than enough people to back me up; and lately for a movie to be successful, it has to be animated or have muppets in it… “The Great 2008 Muppet Campaign” – I would watch that.