Editor’s Notebook: 12/12/11

Jeff Genung

• Must be that time of year … no, not Christmas (that’s been going on since October). It’s Progress time! We here at The Evening Sun are getting ready for our annual ‘yearbook’ business review that comes out over five days during the last week in January. It’s a gargantuan undertaking (80 pages!) for the editorial and advertising staffs, so I just gave my trusty reporters their story assignments this afternoon. Given that two out of my four reporters have never done this before (and both sales people are brand new, too!), it should be an interesting year. Prediction: My hair will be entirely white by Jan. 27. Great Caesar’s Ghost, indeed.

• Got your letters to Santa in? No? Well it’s too late; the deadline was Friday. Santa has made his list, and checked it twice. Replies from the North Pole will go out to everyone who wrote in later this week; the letters themselves will be published in our ‘Holiday Big Book’ special section this Friday.

• Saw a spectacular Christmas show at the Arts Council Saturday … the violin madness that is Barrage. I know, I know … if you think string instruments, you think stuffy, tuxedoed snoozefest. Anything but that with Barrage – never seen so much energy on that stage! And the Christmas selections they played would get even the Grinchiest of Grinches into the spirit of the holidays. Bravo!