The government’s trying to take away my garden?

Shawn Magrath

My favorite national headline in a long time: “Cain to Meet with Wife.” Really, if I were scheduling time to “meet” with my wife, I’m in deep. It’s not a meeting to look forward to.

I would like to think that anyone who purchased a smart phone in the last few years had a general understanding of some of the negative drawbacks. A phone with a built in GPS – someone can find where you are at all times. A phone with internet – online activity can be tracked. So it didn’t come as a surprise this week when public awareness spread that millions of smart phones contain built in software that records the actions of every user, from internet usage to the key strokes in text messaging.

But better than the backlash of consumer concern are the conspiracy theories sure to follow. I love conspiracy theories. I love theory conspiracy theorists. No one brightens my day more than someone who speaks with a stubborn and irrational, misinformed sense of what’s happening (AKA someone that talks out their butt). They speak their “truths” about something incredible (like the staging of the 1969 moon landing) or the government’s involvement in something inexplicably unfortunate (the government had control over the 9/11 attacks) and things that just really don’t make sense in the eyes of a sane human being (Obama is trying to take away my garden?). So with growing attention drawn to memory software in cell phones, I can’t wait to see some of the new conspiracies that develop, similar to what Orwell prophesied. Who knows? For the first time, new conspiracy theories might not be that much of a stretch.

On another note, the park looks terrific after Thursday’s tree lighting ceremony. I really hope to see a snow storm (sorry) before the decorations are taken down. When the streets are empty and everything around is white, lit by the soft glow of street lamps, that’s the best time to check holiday decorations. Congratulations to the BID for its organization of another spectacular event.