Editor’s Notebook: 12/1/11

Jeff Genung

• And it’s December. NOW you can put up the Christmas decorations, turn on the lights and play the carols. Anything prior to this was premature holidaculation.

• Good timing, because tonight’s the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Norwich, 6:30 p.m. Always nice to hear the Perry Browne kids sing their little hearts out.

• Speaking of singing (and piano-ing), congratulations to NHS musicians Dillan Smith and Jason Handy, who are headed to NYSSMA’s winter conference this weekend. Good luck!

• So the DEC has extended the comment period on proposed gas drilling regulations, again. Again? I’m all for having your ducks in a row, but it seems like there’s been more than enough time allotted – and people on both sides of the issue have certainly had ample time to get their two cents in. Sounds like typical New York State bureaucracy to me. Let’s set a deadline and stick to it for a change.

• The ‘30 Seconds’ crew has been consumed lately with trying to figure out who’s who. As in how to differentiate among the “Man from Norwich,” “Woman from Sherburne” and “Man from Greene” contingents, or how many posters are changing their towns and sexes at will in order to agree with their own messages, or stir their own controversies. Let me clue you in on a little secret, dear readers: I don’t really care! “30 Seconds” is probably the least of our priorities here at The Evening Sun. While it’s true that our website does give the IP addresses of ‘30 Seconds’ posters, we rarely pay attention to it. Frankly, if your idea of fun is to post all day under multiple towns and sexes, have at it! The same rules apply – no libel, no profanity, no naming names, no bashing local businesses, etc. The same goes for the “voting” system – it’s all fun and games. Or, as my friend William Shakespeare put it, “It is a tale told by an idiot; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”