25 more days…

Shawn Magrath

Not to be a hum-bug, but it’s a little despairing to know that there’s still 25 days left until the constant stream of Christmas music comes to a halt. It’s festive with “good holiday cheer” intentions but it’s everywhere I go. It seems that where one Christmas song leaves off on the car radio, it picks up inside the grocery store or over the speakers in the middle of the city. 25 days (600 tedious hours) left of Christmas music.

Worse than the 25 remaining days of Christmas music is the 342 days, 8,212 hours and 492,738 minutes left of presidential campaigning – and I have yet to hear too much from the national media regarding issues that actually matter amongst any of the candidates. I can tell you what flubs came out of Perry’s mouth, the number of women (currently) accusing Cain of sexual indecency and how many times Gingrich has been married but I have no idea what their stance is on education reform, energy policies or how they intend to handle the military.

On the flip side, it’s always encouraging to see community efforts to make a positive social contribution this time of year. Whether its donating to Toys for Tots, giving to a local clothing or food drive or just volunteering man hours at a charitable event, so many people take advantage of the holiday season to do something that positively impacts so many in the community and I applaud that.

My car’s air bag light is on all the time now – just one more thing on a growing list of needed repairs and one more piece of black tape needed to cover up another warning light on the dashboard display. For now, I’ll just take the cheap “glue a pillow to the steering wheel and hope for the best” alternative.