Blog # 100

Brian Golden

And now, ladies and gentlemen, at long last … my 100th offering as an Evening Sun blogger. What can I say? I’m giddy.

In preparing for this – blog number 100 – I took some time and revisited my past entries, all 99 of them, and it’s remarkable just how much I’ve changed over the course of my employment here at our hometown daily. From “Old dreams with new lives” (my very first blog) to Wednesday’s “A rainy day and a Happy Thanksgiving,” it’s been quite a journey. And as much as I love a good, hard-angle news story, I must admit that writing the occasional blog (not to mention my weekly column) is by far one of my favorite ways to express myself (can’t forget the guitar, now, can we?).

On that note (no pun intended), here’s a quick look back at my Top Ten blogs as an Evening Sun reporter, in no particular order. If you’ve never read any of these, feel free to go back through my blog archive and dig one (or two, or three) up. As always, feel free to let me know what you think and a big thanks to those who’ve enjoyed my random musings, it’s appreciated.

# 10 – “Remembering Dad” December 18, 2009 Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that January will mark four years since dad passed. Then again, there are days when it seems like a lifetime ago. Regardless, I still miss the man dearly, and I like to think he’d be happy with the way things are going in my life. Love you, dad.

#9 – “Happy 30th Empire Strikes Back” April 30, 2010 This was a no-brainer, particularly if those of you reading this are aware of my status as The Evening Sun’s über-geek (well, at least until Julian came along). Frank Oz as Yoda? Brilliant. Boba Fett? Coolest bounty hunter in the history of bounty hunters. By far the best Star Wars movie George Lucas ever produced.

#8 – “Holy Sheep!” May 6, 2010 By far one of my all-time favorite blogs, although I wasn’t too pleased with the incident itself when it occurred. Nonetheless, an extremely humorous take on my near-accident on Pratt Road back in the foggy, early spring of 2010. A definite must-read for those who haven’t had the opportunity.

#7 – “Kids, don’t try this at home” May 12, 2010 I guess I must have been on a good run in May of 2010, considering this blog still makes me laugh when I re-read it. Without giving away too many details, here’s the deal. Element of danger? Check. The “Pratt Road Gang?” Check. A flaming scooter? Check. And a complete re-telling of the Amazingly Stupendous Flaming Scooter incident? Big check.

#6 – “Musical memories at NHS” September 22, 2010 I’m not quite sure what took me so long to address my high school musical years in the world of blog, but it was an obvious, now that I think about it. As always, a big thanks to Mary Mayo and Don Burke for … a) putting up with me … b) teaching me to open up and experience more than just the blues and c) putting up with me.

# – 5 “My Best Friend” September 29, 2010 For obvious reasons … Mr. Tozer. My best friend, musician-in-arms and one of the most down-to-earth, friendly, honest and hard-working people I’ve ever met. Rock on, brother.

# – 4 “A day in the life” December 9, 2010 My tribute to the late, great John Lennon on the 30th anniversary of his untimely death. A true musical, political and poetic genius, if there ever was one. Said Lennon, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Amen to that.

# – 3 “The city smells like what?” April 13, 2011 A blog that goes above and beyond, in my opinion, relating the content of a strange, yet ultimately hilarious e-mail I found creeping around in my inbox one day. Subject line of that particular e-mail? “The Smell of Cat Urine in the City! How exciting!” I laughed until I cried the first time I read it.

# – 2 “Faster than a speeding bullet” June 3, 2011 A blog in which I relate the events of a fateful softball game, one where I was nearly killed by a 200 mph meteor that came off the bat of our team captain. Note to self, you’re probably getting to old to dive around on the softball field like you did when you were 12 … or 20 … or even 30.

# – 1 “A case of the Mondays” July 25, 2011 Looking through all of these old blogs, it’s obvious that I could just as easily type up a Top Twenty, if not a Top Thirty. With that in mind, here’s another favorite of mine, simply because it’s one of those things we all experience from time to time. And – believe it or not – I really do have fond memories of the original Green Machine (of “Holy Sheep” fame), although my new ride is … a definite improvement.