Thanksgiving but no thanks?

Shawn Magrath

With Thanksgiving a day away, I’m a little disappointed to find just how many people fail to recognize their blessings, be what they may.

Every year, it’s custom that the Evening Sun publish a special Thanksgiving edition, featuring people in the community who share what they look forward to this holiday season and what they have to be thankful for. It’s encouraging to hear some praise even the most diminutive, overlooked aspects of life but to my dismay, I found a few people that said they simply have little, if anything at all, to be thankful for – even saying this as they walked toward their car with a cart full of groceries.

How can anyone be able to walk (a blessing in itself) to their car (another one) with a cart full of groceries (???) and tell me “life kind of sucks.” Granted, I don’t know these people but I refuse to believe there aren’t any more perks in their life than they let on. I believe there to be a silver lining in every rain cloud and whether people choose to acknowledge it or not is the factor that determines their gratitude. Perhaps it’s not their life in need of repair; perhaps it’s their perception that needs to be worked over.

On the other hand – the hand holding the glass that’s half full – I was thankful to find other people that were thankful – people that not only realize their good fortune (literally and metaphorically) but people also willing to talk to me and have their picture taken for the paper. I understand that people tend to be a little camera shy so no hard feelings from those that turn and ran the other way. Actually, I was getting used to the rejection; it was like prom all over again.

So, to spite the people who said they have nothing to be thankful for, here are ten small things I have been thankful for so far today (family, friends and freedom are always a given).

1. Just enough milk for one more bowl of cereal
2. A grocery store checkout line opening just as I was getting ready to pay.
3. Warm feet
4. An office chair that swivels
5. Good radio reception (with something other than Christmas music)
6. Fun link designs on the Google home page
7. Seeing eggnog at the convenience store
8. Windshield washer fluid that dissolves frost
9. Spilling something on my shirt that isn’t noticeable
10. The traffic light staying yellow long enough for me to get through

That wasn’t so difficult; I’m thankful and I don’t even own a Bentley.