A rainy day and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian Golden

Did somebody say rain? Talk about a continuous deluge last night, I don’t think it stopped pouring for more than five minutes at any given point. Usually, I find the sound quite relaxing but not this time around. Tossed and turned and tried to get back to sleep – unsuccessfully, I might add – for hours last night. Which is probably why I’m so out-of-sorts today.

Well, I finally managed to get caught up a bit over the course of this week, an accomplishment in and of itself, if you ask me (and on deadline, to boot). Looking forward to a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving and all that the holiday entails: food, football, family and … leftovers! As for the rest of the week, my fellow Evening Sun reporters and I (as well as our esteemed editor) will be tackling this year’s Parade of Lights float. What can I say? Last year’s float (and its construction) ranks right up there as one of my favorite Evening Sun memories.

Today’s column was – as always – an absolute blast to put together. The theme? Proverbs, proverbs and … you guessed it … more proverbs. It’s funny, sometimes even I have to ask myself where I come up with this stuff. Regardless, it sure is fun.

I find it hard to believe how many people out there are willing to speak with the press (in other words, me) yet, as soon as you inform them you’re going to have to take their picture, they balk. Putting together our yearly “Giving Thanks” piece is kind of like pulling teeth in that regard. Everybody’s thankful … nobody wants their picture in the paper. What’s up with that?

In a totally unrelated note … favorite headline of the day: Who can you believe at GOP debate? Umm … I’m going to go out on a limb here and say (considering they are politicians) not a single one. Sorry, but I just had to go there.

And with that, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving all!