The countdown begins…

Brian Golden

Let the countdown begin, I say. Working toward my 100th blog as an Evening Sun reporter and hoping beyond hope I’ll reach that lofty milestone by the end of the week. Which means, of course, I’ll be blogging each and every day this week, just to warn you. And while I’m uncertain as to what, exactly, these blogs will entail, let’s just say I’m probably going to pull out a BG’s Top Ten or two for old time’s sake.

As for today, well, ‘30 Seconds’ callers … how you vex me sometimes. Namely because you obviously have trouble in the comprehension department. ‘30 Seconds’ means exactly that … 30 seconds. Now that we’ve switched our phone messaging system here at The Evening Sun (actually, it was months ago), it seems many of our regular callers now realize they can leave a message that’s as long as they could possibly want (the old message system had a set time limit). Which is fine for them, if they have the time. I, however, have better things to do than listen to five minutes of badmouthing … take your pick … President Obama, the cable company, the Chinese, your least favorite television show (change the channel if it’s that bad, for God’s sake) and so on and so forth. Please try to keep your comments appropriate and – pretty please – under 30 seconds in length.

Like that’s going to happen.

It seems I was way off with last week’s 11/11/11 blog, according to sources familiar with the events of that fateful day fifteen … err … sixteen years ago (that’s correction number one). On top of that, I even managed to misquote one of my own lyrics (embarrassing, to say the least). Not that too many people out there will really care, but, it’s “climbed a fence and forged our trail,” not a wall, as I originally posted. Unbelievable.

And now it’s off to county court for the remainder of the morning. After that … lunch. And then, more county court. Add to that a Norwich City School District Board of Education meeting and I guess my schedule for this mid-November Monday is pretty well set in stone. With that said, off I go.