Shawn Magrath

If you haven’t recognized Veteran’s Day yet, I strongly encourage it. It’s important to remember that unlike Columbus Day – which arguably shouldn’t be highly recognized – Veteran’s Day is more than a day spent away from the office.

Happy 11/11/11, if that matters to you. For one reason or another (reasons I don’t quite understand), it’s monumental for many to think that at some point today, the clock will read 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 – and if you miss it the first time around, don’t panic; you’ll have another opportunity to celebrate later tonight. From what I understand, the number “one” signifies a “beginning,” and double ones are like two beginnings (which is why so many couples are marrying today). So, three sets of double ones has mind-blowing importance. Best of luck to the newlyweds who believe that this is the determining factor of a long and blissful marriage. May your happiness withstand the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month you live together.

Congratulations are in certainly in order for Sherburne-Earlville Graduate Svante Myrick who, at the age of 24, won the mayoral race in the City of Ithaca this week, which will make him the youngest mayor in New York State when he takes office in January. What an incredible accomplishment! Not to mention, his name appears in the Google search bar after typing “Sva,” which is a feat in itself. And I hear the job comes with it’s own parking space – be still my beating heart.

I have a long familiarity with The Evening Sun but since I started working here, I’ve adapted a new appreciation for “30 seconds.” Oh, my bitter-sweat community… you’re opinions, complaints, observations, complaints, words of encouragement and complaints truly are a ray of sunshine on that of which would otherwise be a cloudy day. You’ve given me a new outlook on the need to improve Chenango County infrastructure. Thank you.