Happy Thursday before election day

Shawn Magrath

It’s tough to believe that the holiday season has come crashing down on us already. Department stores are exploiting the season with Christmas displays and my wife found the radio station that plays 24 hour Christmas music from now until January – I’m OK though. I’ve prepared for this. If I knew putting up a tree in my living room would help to speed the season along a little, I would do it this afternoon. But realistically, I know that would just result in a very dead tree by Christmas time – you know, the real Christmas time that’s still nearly two months away.

I’m excited to have talked to some excellent candidates for the upcoming elections. Given, there have been a few not so good ones and even a few that I wouldn’t trust to tie my shoe but in the effort of remaining optimistic, I have to put some real thought into who I’m going to vote for this year. That’s much better than my previous approach of closing my eyes and pointing to a name. Best of luck to all candidates.

I feel that I have to share the topic of an article I read online this week regarding a man’s recent observation that men have recently become the butt of jokes on TV. I’m not so much offended by the accusation (ironically) as I am that it took so long for the writer to notice this. Didn’t the rest of the world meet Homer Simpson in 1987 and has since been introduced to his brilliant ideas like “the make-up gun” and the “the automatic hammer?” Actually, any sitcom that comes to mind makes the male a lightning rod of scrutiny – my personal favorite being Tim Allen in “Home Improvement” – need I say more? It’s really just a passing thought, but maybe noticing the declaration of male stupidity in the media was a delayed response; it’s two decades too late. In fact, just now noticing isn’t really helping men at all. We’ve really lost a lot of ground since Atticus Finch.