Editor’s Notebook: 11/3/11

Jeff Genung

• Gotta leave work early today so I can get to my second gig as a waiter up at the Canasawacta Country Club. OK, so my “second gig” is only once a year – but still it’s pretty important. For the past I don’t even know how many years, I’ve been proud to serve as one of Donna Wood-Craig’s “celebrity waiters” at the annual dinner for Hospice and Palliative Care of Chenango County. It’s an easy gig, really (Tim won’t let us handle the actual dinner plates), but we work hard for our tips – all handed back over to Hospice, of course. Always a good time, even if I do end up with “She Works Hard for the Money” going through my head all night.

• Election season is upon us in full force, and my reporters have been busy tracking down town board, clerk and highway superintendent candidates in the hinterlands of Chenango County – not an easy task, I assure you. Wrong phone numbers, no phone number at all, works night shift, no voicemail, unreturned calls – I’ve heard the moans and groans from my staff repeatedly over the past couple weeks. Makes you wonder – if a candidate for public office is this inaccessible to the news media offering to promote their campaign, how reachable will they be to their constituents?

• The folks at the SPCA (Sue Reymers, to be exact) contacted me recently about resurrecting the “Pet of the Week” feature in The Evening Sun – pictures of a dog and cat available for adoption at the Norwich shelter. It has been a while since we did that on a regular basis, so I jumped at the offer – especially since I know that back when we did do it, the adoption rate was 100 percent on the animals we featured. So if you’re looking for a furry friend, check out today’s Page 12. There’ll be more each week, on varying days.