Happy Monday … err … Halloween!

Brian Golden

There’s nothing like coming into the office Monday morning and – first thing – finding out the story you’d planned to write has fallen through. And while I’m not going to go into details (I’m still hoping to salvage something out of it), I will admit … it’s frustrating, to say the least. Not that it’s anyone’s fault (at least no one locally), but it’s definitely not the way I wanted to start my week.

Anyway … congratulations to the NHS Purple Tornado Marching Band for its fifth place finish at the Carrier Dome on Sunday. The group, while still rather small in 2011, is looking to expand over the next couple of years, which is kind of exciting for an old band geek like me. Regardless, great job everyone and keep your heads up, I have a feeling bigger and better things (and even higher scores) are yet to come.

I’d also like to mention what a great job our city Fire Department did this morning, particularly in its quick response to a fire at the Benedict Corporation. As always, when the call came through, I envisioned an enormous blaze, with Michael Bay-like effects (cars exploding and such) and smoke blotting out the sun. Which was, of course, an overeaction on my part. It turns out the fire was of the small variety and easily contained within minutes. Still, because of their speedy response, only a small portion of the used car office (located on the southeast part of the car lot) was damaged.

Well, Halloween is here and I hope everyone has a scary good time (and a safe one) while collecting all the candy and other goodies they can stomach tonight. And even though I’m certainly far too old to be trick-or-treating, I have fond memories of the activity. Too bad it’s so darn cold outside. I’ll never forget how angry I’d get when forced to wear a jacket over my costume, something that just seems to ruin all the fun. I mean, really, what’s the point in dressing up as Dracula, Spider-Man or an udead, zombie ninja if nobody can see it?