Why do I like Halloween?

Shawn Magrath

What is it about Halloween that I find so appealing? I hardly ever get around to carving a pumpkin, I never think of a good costume in time, I don’t get any trick or treaters and I’m “too old” to go trick or treating myself. Last Halloween, I even had the luck of a new paint job on my car because someone was generous enough to spray the side of it gray and did so free of charge… I knew body shops were a scam.

Yet, there’s still something appealing about the holiday – like a train wreck I can’t look away from. I guess I like the indulgence of seeing others enjoy themselves – kids having fun, the mischief of adolescence that results in my late night visits to a professional body shop, and parents patiently waiting to for their children to collect candy from strangers (something that we spend the other 364 days of the year telling them not to do). It’s all something I enjoy.

Remember Halloween as a child? It was great, right? Free candy, hot dogs at the fire station, pretending to be anything in the world. There was a certain… what’s the term… magic?… no… oh, strategic deception involved. Kids would huddle on the corner, contending which doors to knock on. It was a war strategy in which homes that gave out chocolate were allies and those giving pennies, pencils and apples were treated no better than Vietcong, waiting to ambush unprepared children already on the verge of a sugar coma with “morals of promoting nutrition and preventing childhood obesity.” What is disappointment.

Now, as an adult (and I say that loosely), it’s a little different. Still fun, but different. This year, I think I’ll just wait for the auto body da Vinci to return. If I see him, I’m taking him down. I’m looking forward to Halloween.