Another week comes to a close…

Brian Golden

And so another week comes to a close here in The Evening Sun newsroom. I’ll tell you one thing … it’s never dull around here, what with school board meetings (okay, that actually was a little dull), felony burglary trials, robberies, assaults and – sadly – Thursday night’s fatal motor vehicle accident. And all of that since Tuesday, no less (I took the majority of Monday off to recover from fourteen hours behind the wheel coming home from North Carolina). Regardless, I’m exhausted. In fact, I’m hoping for a quick power nap once I get home, right before I’m back on the road, this time to one of my favorite haunts (a little Halloween humor there), the Whitewater Tavern, in Canastota.

Great … more driving.

In other news, my Syracuse band, Master Thieves, did not make the final round of the Syracuse Area Music Awards (otherwise known as the Sammy’s). Which is actually okay, considering our debut album, Robbing the Blind, was nominated for the Best Blues Album award. Needless to say, we’re all pretty excited to attend the November 11 awards show and – whether we win or not – it’s sure to be a good time. Wish us luck!

Speaking of luck … a big, big good luck wish for the NHS Purple Tornado Field Band as it prepares for Sunday’s NYS Field Band Conference championship competition at the Syracuse Carrier Dome. The band – while a bit smaller than it was back in my day – has done a fantastic job this year, and both the staff and students deserve a big congratulations. Do your best on Sunday, but most of all, have fun. That’s what marching band is all about.

As for the rest of my afternoon, well, I’ve got to put the finishing touches on my 1960’s-era hippie costume, string up the old guitar and head for the Whitewater (where I’ll be meeting up with the band, in addition to my good friends Chris and Katie). Should be an entertaining night, even without the live music, what with the costume party, the great atmosphere and – of course – Chris and Katie’s so-far-beyond-awesome-that-it-is-not-even-funny selection of domestic and imported beers. Just saying.