Editor’s Notebook: 10/26/11

Jeff Genung

• Bewitched, bothered and bewildered, I seem to have survived another round of our “Ghastly Ghost Stories” contest relatively unscathed. We had a healthy (numerically, not mentally) amount of entries for this year’s Halloween-inspired writing contest, and you’ll get to read the best of the best in a special section in Thursday’s Evening Sun called “The Pumpkin Vine.” In addition to the spine-tingling tales from readers both young and old, you’ll also find a complete guide to this weekend’s Norwich Pumpkin Festival.

• Which, of course, means it will rain on Saturday.

• Guernsey’s wondering what to do with an unexpected $600,000 bequest – bet you a lot of non-profits in town are jealous of that quandary! Kindles for everyone? Umm, probably not.

• Today marked the beginning of a new monthly feature – an article on Chenango’s Civil War past written by a member of the recently-formed Chenango County Civil War Commemoration Project Team. This month’s feature is by Nancy Bromley of the Greene Historical Society, which you can read here. Julian and I met with Nancy and Oxford’s Vicky House a few weeks ago to discuss their ideas for this series (which will go on until 2015), and let me tell you, this group really has its act together. I know how much my Evening Sun readers love stories about local history, so this series should be a real winner.

• I loathe those Charmin commercials in which the curiously red cartoon bears have issues with toilet paper stuck to their behinds. I’m usually not easily offended, but really? That’s neither here nor there, of course, but I’d just like to state it for the record.

• In completely unrelated news, I assure you, I just got a brand new washer and dryer from our friends at S&S Appliances in Norwich. Good quality, good service – stimulating the local economy, yes; patronizing a loyal newspaper advertiser, always.