Controversy, the winter blues and movie night!

Brian Golden

People often ask me why I tend to pick topics for my weekly column that spark so much debate. My answer? Because they spark so much debate, of course. Sure, I could sit here and write boring, personal drivel every week if I really wanted to, but where’s the fun in that? And to be honest, I like the controversial issues, such as hydrofracturing, politics, war, religion and such. They’re much more interesting and I must admit I get a kick out of the ensuing conversations that typically occur. As for today’s weekly opinion piece? Well, let’s just say the pro-drilling crowd is probably unhappy with me once again. Will I lose any sleep over it tonight? Absolutely not.

Speaking of natural gas drilling, I read a great news article online concerning the increase in crime that’s occurring in areas where hydrofracturing is all the rage. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The fact of the matter is this … when all these outsiders begin swarming into the county, be prepared for all the trouble they’ll be bringing with them. Driving while intoxicated arrests? Up and away. Outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases? Doubling in some places. Prostitution? Yup. More fighting in the streets? You betcha. Not that any of that bothers me, really, now that I’m covering the police/fire/ems/court beat. Talk about job security … drill away!

I must admit, I’m having more-than-a-little trouble adjusting to the fact that October has nearly come and gone. No matter how nice our spring, summer and fall happen to be, year in and year out, I simply can not seem to prepare myself for the coming winter months. It might help if I had any kind of winter hobby to keep me busy, but sitting inside, huddling under layers of clothing and heaps of blankets to keep warm isn’t all that much fun as far as favorite activities go. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to April 2012. Which is, of course, more than five months away. Now that’s depressing.

As for tonight, it’s looking like spaghetti dinner, possibly a movie and – of course – Survivor: South Pacific. I’m not sure how I ended up addicted to the popular CBS reality show, but there it is. For movies? Well, I managed to make it over to Guernsey Memorial Library today for a quick look at the DVD’s they had on hand. First up, one of my all-time favorites, “A League of Their Own.” My second choice? The new “Green Hornet,” starring Seth Rogan and Jay Chou as the Green Hornet and Kato. And last but not least, Adam Sandler, Brenan Fraser and Steve Buscemi in “Airheads,” a guilty pleasure if there ever was one.