Still waiting

Shawn Magrath

Here we are. Just me, my computer and the walls of my cubicle on a rapture-less Friday afternoon. I maxed out my credit card, buried canned food in the back yard, even ironed a nice pair of rapture pants in preparation for today’s grand finale. Boy, is my face red.

It’s amazing how quickly Camping’s day of revolation snuck up on us… again. Before I’m accused of detesting Christian teachings and promoting Bible-bashing atheism, I want to clarify that I’m not saying the rapture is an impossibility. I have Baptist roots myself. I’m just wondering why people keep humoring Harold Camping and his numerological approach to predicting the end of days. Most of us know he wouldn’t get recognition if not for his multi-million dollar campaigns and a slight nudge from the media. No, I’m not arguing Christian beliefs, just Camping believers (“Campingianism?” “Campingianites?” – whatever, it doesn’t matter). I would love to talk about it more but at the risk of feeling silly, I know there is nearly 12 hours left in the day… maybe. When he predicts the end of days, does he take into account different time zones?

Hey, on a brighter and slightly ironic note, Halloween is quickly approaching and I don’t have any good costume ideas. I would love to hear some suggestions. So far, my best thought is to dress up as my dog and dress my dog up as me but this would be considered by many as animal cruelty and I don’t want to ruin a nice sweater. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume and anything that comes from Wal-Mart I won’t even take into consideration. I wish Norwich still had the Salvation Army.

Best of luck to the Norwich Purple Tornado Field Band. They host a competition at the Norwich High School tomorrow night; it’s their last until they travel to the Syracuse Carrier Dome next Sunday. They’re going to put on a great performance. Anyone looking for a fun Saturday evening activity should check it out.