Preparing for the post-Halloween, pre-Christmas season

Shawn Magrath

I hope everyone is prepared for the initial shock of seeing Christmas decorations on display so early. Yesterday, I overheard Wal-Mart employees discussing where holiday displays are going to be set up and what should be seen when the Halloween costumes are gone. I’m not a Scrooge (usually), but I’m not looking forward to two months of the Christmas season.

If holiday commercialism doesn’t do enough to beat the holly-jolly spirit out of me, every year, beginning November 1st, my wife manages to find a radio station that plays 24 hours of Christmas music, or at the least, she plays it using the CD player, which is why I dread long car rides around this time of year. Yes, there are a few that I enjoy, but I can’t believe how many variations of “Silent Night” have been compiled. Again, I want to ensure people that I’m not an anti-holiday killer of all things joyful, but two months of Holiday decorations and music is just a little much (though I do know of online radio stations that play 24 hours of Christmas music year round, so I’ll consider myself lucky. I guess that’s my silver lining).

But right now, I’m looking forward to Rogers’ Haunted Hill, which is scaring people beginning tonight and picking up again tomorrow night. I wrote about it in yesterday’s blog, but it’s something that bears repeating. I hear it’s supposed to storm tonight, so maybe it would be the perfect night to go. I can’t wait for it and hope to see a lot of people there.

On a lighter, more optimistic side of things, a cat in Ohio has been successfully rescued from the dashboard of a mini-van after a woman accidentally hit the animal. Don’t worry animal lovers, the cat’s OK. I’m not sure how this is possible either, but who am I to question good news. I just thought it was pre-weekend news worth sharing (and so didn’t CNN – It’s amazing what CNN will report when people get tired of hearing the latest political gossip).