What a week

Shawn Magrath

I can’t really complain about this week. It hasn’t been the greatest, but not bad enough to complain. I went to my first St. Bart’s spaghetti dinner, I’m seeing the Evening Sun newsroom with a ceiling for the first time, I established more contacts throughout the city and, in an unfortunate way, was incredibly entertained by some of the latest Chenango County Court hearings. A court furlough, by the way, is a great tool of optimal learning – the temporary satisfaction of using drugs now apparently outweighs the threat of a longer prison sentence. I didn’t know that.

A new Gamestop is opening at the south end of town and it’s amazing how quietly and quickly it happened. Was there even a sign of it a week ago? I’m not a video game person but for some reason, I’m excited about a Gamestop. I guess in the same way that I was excited about a new Byrne Dairy, even though I’ve been to a gas station/convenience store and laundromat before. I already can’t wait for the city’s next incoming business to make its irrelevant impact on me.

Getting into the Halloween spirit (pun intended), Rogers’ Haunted Hill is opening this weekend. If it’s anything like what Brian is saying, it should be great! I can’t wait to attend a haunted maze better than the ones from my childhood – which may have been put on by the senior citizens’ center. I don’t want to raise my expectations just to walk away from that maze with dry pants, so I’m sending out an ample amount of encouragement to organizers and volunteers at that event. Good luck!