Thanks (for nothing), Washington, D.C.

Brian Golden

I can honestly say it’s been awhile since I sat down and watched the evening news and, after last night, I realize that might be a good thing. With our ability to communicate with one another – now at an all-time high – it seems there’s nothing but bad news (and more bad news) on the tube these days. It’s actually more-than-a-little depressing, if you ask me, and I think from now on I’ll stick with the Food Network, ESPN and the Cartoon Network. Much more entertaining and not as likely to make me want to slit my wrists.

Well, Washington, D.C. and its population of completely out-of-touch-with-reality politicians continues to amaze, does it not? This is a dangerous, dangerous time for our country, in this writer’s humble opinion, and the stalemate that is politics at this point in time is all the proof one should need. Political bickering aside, the absolute refusal by both parties to come to any sort of compromise is not only disgusting, but downright un-American. They’re holding our country hostage, both Democrats and Republicans, and they shouldn’t be surprised if their childlike behavior leads to even worse down the road. I honestly don’t think these people have any idea what your typical American citizen is going through right now, just to make ends meet. Which makes me wonder … how long since they had to go without a meal? Forego paying a bill because the money simply isn’t there? They’re not only a bunch of lying, back-stabbing cowards, they’re the real problem in this country, and I think people are starting to understand that.

Sorry if that seems a bit harsh but, personally, I’m sick and tired of all of them.

On a brighter note … umm … my friend Brian Vischi is getting married next week. This will be the second friend of mine from the original crew (Tozer, Vischi, Bill and myself) to wed this year and all I can say is … wow. Hard to believe it was nearly twenty years ago the four of us (with a little help from our friends) were forming our first band, searching high and low for a place, any place, to set-up and jam, and generally running amok all across Chenango County and beyond. All I can say at this point, however, is I hope Brooke (the bride-to-be) knows what she’s getting herself into. That Vischi guy, I tell you, is nothing but trouble.