Field bands, furloughs, haunted hills and a new ceiling

Brian Golden

Well, I finally made it to my first NHS Purple Tornado Field Band show of the year and I must say, this is one extremely talented group of kids. And while the band is certainly a bit smaller than it was back in my day, it’s obvious they’re a dedicated and hard-working group. I even had a chance to take some pictures from Sunday’s Vestal show, which you can find right here on The Evening Sun’s website.

As usual, had some fun writing today’s column. With the recent string of unsuccessful furloughs granted through our county court system, I must say I’m dumbfounded as to why, exactly, they continue to be handed out. Honestly, you would think people would have more sense (particularly with an even lengthier prison sentence hanging over their head) than to go out, do some drugs (or commit another crime) and wind up at the mercy of the court. For God’s sake, have some common sense, people.

Yesterday afternoon found this reporter winding his way through the maze that is Rogers’ Haunted Hill, northwest of Plymouth on Hopkins-Crandall Road, off County Route 16. And yes, I’ll admit it, the place scares the living daylights out of me. My esteemed editor and the rest of the crew here at The Evening Sun can poke fun all they’d like, but I’m telling you, this place is not for the meek, or those who frighten easily.

Oh, did I mention that the ceiling is fixed! Hoorah, hoorah! Jeff may say my fellow reporters and I did nothing but complain, but … well … I guess we did. Personally, I never mentioned the smell of bleach permeating the newsroom, nor the leftover shrapnel (that was in Julian’s cubicle). I simply noticed (and remarked upon) the large wet spot on the carpet. I must say, however, it’s nice to have things looking normal here in the office. My only question is … what’s next? Hurricane? Tornado? Another earthquake?

Don’t these things tend to come in threes?