Editor’s Notebook: 10/12/11

Jeff Genung

• The enduring saga of The Evening Sun’s newsroom roof has come to (hopefully) conclusion. You’ll recall the various bitches and moans from me and my staff in columns, tweets and blogs ever since we sprunk a leak on Lackawanna Avenue back in … how long ago was that, Biblical times? Anyway, while the roof had long since been replaced, today saw the completion of the interior work – we have a shiny new drop ceiling out in the reporters’ bullpen. And what’s the first thing each of them did upon the project’s finish? Yep, they complained about it. Seriously, what’s a little leftover shrapnel and the smell of bleach? At least it’s not raining on our heads.

• As I think I pointed out before, when I was a reporter, we didn’t even have a roof. Ingrates.

• So eight years and counting … I think it’s time this year I checked out the Halloween phenomenon that Rogers’ Haunted Hill seems to be. Legendary locally, the seasonal attraction was previewed in a story today by Brian Golden. Who, I might add, is scared to go this weekend. Must be all the roof trauma.

• Just when you thought it was safe to open the newspaper, it’s the return of … Ghastly Ghost Stories! Want to scare the wits out of your  fellow Evening Sun readers? Our Ghastly Ghost Stories competition is returning for another year of spooky fun.

This year the contest will be open to students grades 5-12 and to adults. Entries should be 1,500 words or less. Prizes will be awarded for the best story in each age group: fifth and sixth grade, seventh and eighth grade, ninth through twelfth grade and adults.

The winning story in each category and selected others will be published in The Pumpkin Vine, a special section of the paper that will be included in the Thursday, Oct. 27 edition, prior to the Norwich Pumpkin Festival. Winners will receive a certificate of accomplishment and a gift certificate! Questions? Call me at 334-3276. To enter, Submit your most terrifying tales via e-mail only to: news@evesun.com. Put “Ghastly Ghost Stories” in the subject line. The DEADline Friday, Oct. 21!