So much to do, so little time

Shawn Magrath

Nearing the end of my second week here at The Evening Sun, I’m thrilled to see some new routines being tied together. I’m learning how to better interview, take better notes, and I’m learning names and faces so I know how to respond when people call me by my name. Calling someone by name is much better than “how you doing, champ” or “thanks, big guy.” I’m looking forward to learning a little more in the coming weeks.

I am, however, still figuring how to adjust to my new personal time schedule. Work mixed with grad school and a little bit of wife time – it all seems like I should be doing something productive 25 hours a day.

On top of my newfound, continually rolling lifestyle, my wife and I recently took in a neglected dog to live with us. As first time pet owners, we’re learning how to care for something not ourselves and adjusting to new habits. It’s a good prelude into parenthood (We skipped the plant and goldfish phases and went right to dog ownership. If we can remember to feed the dog, we’ll take a crack at having a child).

Of course, I’m just kidding dog lovers and critics of horrible parenting. The dog is in a good home. But we are still adjusting, altering the time-space continuum to create pockets of time where there were none before, because we need to tend to this animal. Apparently, we must also learn to not leave the butter on the kitchen table – we’ve gone through four sticks of butter this month, only one of which was used entirely by us.

I’m not complaining about this new, continually busy lifestyle. I’m having a blast with it. I’m tired, but I’m having fun. I haven’t eaten cooked food in three days, but I’m having fun. I’ve driven my car way too far with the gas needle on “E,” but I’m having fun. I’m not entirely sure my socks match today, but I’m having fun. I guess it doesn’t matter how busy I am as long as I’m enjoying it.

With that, I look forward to the following weeks and future blogs. I welcome my lack of a free time with arms wide open. And I’m pretty sure pretty sure peanut butter and jelly is on my menu tonight.