Editor’s Notebook: 10/6/11

Jeff Genung

• Off to the Canasawacta Country Club tonight for a dinner to help kick off the latest Leadership Chenango class. Representin’ the Class of ‘98! (Wish that was the year I graduated high school, but alas, it’s the year I completed Leadership Chenango myself). Always fun to see who’s in the latest group of the county’s next potential leaders. And, speaking of leaders, NBT’s Daryl Forsythe will be the recipient of the Harry Tecklenburg Leadership Award tonight, too. Excellent choice!

• Stupid Criminal Tricks #421: Accept plea deal for drug trafficking. Ask judge for a few days off to “get your affairs in order.” Do more drugs. Test positive when you go back to court. Tell judge you took something for back pain, but didn’t know what it was. Get another year added to your sentence.

• Speaking of “furloughs,” why? If recent track records are any indication, these little vacations before jail time usually don’t end well (we had one guy recently who robbed a convenience store while out on “furlough”). Seems like a nice enough thing to do, but seriously, how many affairs could these people have to get “in order?”

• The Chenango County Historical Society wants to reassemble an old barn on their Rexford Street property to use for agricultural exhibits. Great idea! So great, I thought I’d share a link to the story with our Facebook friends … who proceeded to ask, Where is the barn? Where did it come from? How much will it cost? What is it for? All questions that could have been answered if they’d clicked on the link (and ponied up the money to subscribe to the paper). In the future, just call me at the office and I’ll read the stories to you myself, free of charge. Grrr.

• RIP, Steve Jobs. Very rarely am I taken aback by a “celebrity” death (although I do remember where I was, for some reason, when I heard Kurt Cobain was dead), but Mr. Jobs’ passing certainly gave me pause. Yes, I am a card-carrying (or maybe it’s iPod-carrying) member of the Cult of Apple, but there was something more about Jobs beyond your standard corporate huckster. Visionary, yes. Inspirational, indeed. Mesmerizing, certainly. While I’ll still salivate at the latest media event announcing Apple’s newest innovation, it just won’t be the same without Jobs’ legendary “One more thing …”