Hello From “The New Guy”

Shawn Magrath

Well, here it is. The much anticipated debut. The people have lined the streets to talk to me, I’m finding paparazzi outside my back window, the crowds have been gathering to celebrate on the national mall and I have Oprah on hold so I can take a few minutes to write; I might not even call her back. This is my first blog as a reporter for ‘The Evening Sun.’

Okay, so that’s not all entirely true. I’ll admit that exaggeration tends to be second nature to me. I would never put Oprah on hold. Nevertheless, it is still exciting. I am wrapping up my first week at the local newspaper and still have the same thirst for the job that I had when hearing of an opening. That’s something to be noted. Then again, a week is only a week – just enough time to stick my toe in the water. I still have to learn to swim.

I’ve had an interesting week. I feel as though I’ve shaken more hands than any of the GOP candidates and I’ve met people I never thought I would have reason to talk to. That’s not a bad thing. I love some of the discussions I’ve had, the well intended nature of the people I’ve met and my overall developing role at ‘The Evening Sun.’ I’m anxious to see how I fill out here and hope to hear more from the community in passing time. I’m sure that I’ll become more involved, not only because of my new job, but also because of a work schedule that allows me to become more involved. I’m still looking forward to my first full Pumpkin Fest. I hear I’ll have a ‘gourd’ time (it’s a play on words. Not a good one, but a valiant effort).

To all the well well-wishers, some I know and some I don’t, I want to say thank you. Words of encouragement go a long way. It really means so much.

Avoiding the risk of running a first blog that’s just too long, I think I’m going to quit here. Still, my thanks to all the readers and I look forward to writing more down the road.