A week in the life…

Brian Golden

Well, that was a first on Monday, I must say. Nothing like typing away on deadline while the entire building shakes around you, accompanied by numerous crashes, thuds, the sound of some sort of extreme saw blade cutting through God-knows what and the like. Work began in earnest on The Evening Sun’s roof this morning and it’s been … interesting … to say the least.

As usual, I had some fun writing this week’s column, focused on the all-mighty cell phone (and texting in particular). Headed out at noon Wednesday to pick up a new phone and I’m not too sure how I feel about the whole deal. I’ve never been a fan of “the text,” to be completely honest. In fact, I didn’t even have the ability to text on my old phone (an ancient model indeed). I suppose this time around I’ll actually take the time to figure out all the little features that come with today’s phones, if such a thing is even possible (what can I say, I’m technologically challenged from time to time, to put it mildly).

Hard to believe Wednesday night was my last Common Council meeting for the foreseeable future, what with the new beat (not to mention new reporter). I must say I’ve really enjoyed covering the City of Norwich, certainly something I’d never specifically planned to do in this lifetime. Alas, it’s now on to bigger and better things, but it was nice to get a chance to thank the various city officials present for their patience, kind words and dedication to this community. A special congratulations to one-time patrolman and newly-minted Norwich PD Sgt. Stephen Zieno. Great job!

Made my way to county court today (Friday) for the first time as The Evening Sun’s latest court reporter and I must say, it seems like a good fit. Everyone was extremely friendly, answering any questions I posed, and they all have a great sense of humor, probably a necessity when you’re dealing with the day-to-day issues they do. I’m definitely looking forward to more of the same come next week and – fingers crossed – I’m fairly confident I’ll take to the new beat like a fish to water.

Sadly (or not), the Green Machine, my faded, beat-to-heck Neon is no more. On Thursday, I traded in the old bird for my new set of wheels which – again, fingers crossed – I’ll be picking up today. It’ll be interesting to say the least, considering it’s – in many ways – my first, all-to-myself vehicle. So if you see this Sun staff writer cruising about, grinning away and jamming to some Derek Trucks, J.J. Grey or Eric Lindell over the weekend, feel free to give a honk and a wave. Can anybody say road trip?