Does it get any better?

Brian Golden

First day on the job as The Evening Sun’s official police-fire-court-EMS reporter and all I can say is … we’re off and running. Friday, before I’d even been informed of this latest change in assignment we’d already received news of a fire (north of Plymouth) and log truck rollover (south of Coventry). Add to that some window smashing at the Norwich Family YMCA over the weekend (a bunch of savages in this town, I must say) and the exterior damage enacted upon the Green Machine, and I guess you could say I’m ready to call it a day.

Thank goodness my New York Football Giants are playing tonight … an opportunity to kick back, sip on a cold one and try to relax. It’s necessary (if not vital), at this point.

As for my near-dead Dodge Neon (aka the Green Machine), some macho idiot decided it would look better with a bent-all-to-hell antenna, cracked windshield, bent windshield wiper and … gross … bloodstains all over the passenger side front panel and window. So much for a lucrative trade-in offer as I continue to look for new wheels.

Needless to say, I’m not pleased. And here’s where the newspaper reporter in me comes in – anyone with information regarding my poor, disabled and needlessly re-decorated vehicle, feel free to contact the Norwich City Police Department with the details.

Had myself an interesting (and painful) weekend. Unfortunately, I never made it up to our Purple Tornado Marching Band’s debut performance. Instead, I installed approximately 30 square yards of carpet in a flood ravaged living room down in Binghamton (no problem, Eric and Lindsey, it was my pleasure!). Hard to believe the amount of damage south of us, especially when you consider we didn’t have it all that great ourselves here in Chenango County. Regardless, I was happy to help out in any way I could (just wishing I didn’t feel as if I’d been hit by a bus) and let’s cross our fingers this is the last 100-year-storm we get … err … this century.