Editor’s Notebook: 9/1/11

Jeff Genung

• Happy September. Only 113 days until Christmas!

• So the big news in today’s Evening Sun probably isn’t on the front page … it’s in a column on Page 4, wherein Melissa Stagnaro announced her impending departure. She buttered me up with a lunch at Park Place when she broke the news to me yesterday, but it really wasn’t necessary (although buying me stuff never hurts) – I am extremely happy for her. Our loss is certainly Agro Farma’s gain. Anytime I can hold on to a reporter for three years – especially an excellent reporter like Ms. Stagnaro – I consider it a good run. I’ve been through this a lot over the years, but whenever the departure is a loss for me both professionally and personally, as it is here, it’s a double whammy. Best of luck, Melissa. The Evening Sun is better for having had you here.

• And now back to the drawing board. Julian Kappel’s tenure as low man on the ES totem pole will be remarkably short, it seems. Better get some more hazing in while I still can. If you or anyone you know wants to try their hand at the glamorous world of smalltown journalism, send in those resumes! Find the details here.

• Speaking of double whammys (whammies?), Melissa’s wasn’t the only Evening Sun two-week notice given this week. Just over the wall in the advertising department, Pam Jones announced her intention to leave for another career opportunity, too. Another one we’ll miss dearly, and another job we have to fill!