Editor’s Notebook: 8/24/11

Jeff Genung

• Oh look! I remembered how to blog!

• (Insert not-so-clever and far-overused earthquake joke here).

• OK, I’ll give people a pass on all those “I felt the earth move under my feet” references, since it’s certainly not every day we feel something like that in these parts (hasn’t happened on that scale since the 40s, they say). I was home for lunch when it struck, momentarily blaming it on my always-underfoot new puppy. As soon as I figured out the phenomena wasn’t Beagle-induced, I called Melissa Stagnaro to verify that the earth did indeed quake. She confirmed it, of course, in mid-text to emergency management guru A. Jones, who almost seems to know about these things before they happen. Anyway, much to our news-sense disappointment, there were no rivers of molten lava reported to have erupted in Chenango County. Still, though, I doubt there’ll be many times I get to put “Earthquake!” as my top headline. Hopefully.

• More good news on the job front from our friends at Frontier! Jim Currie told us yesterday that they’re adding 70-some new jobs in Sherburne, in addition to the 50 they just hired. These are good-paying, skilled jobs, too (not that I scoff at retail jobs, but still). Definitely good news for Chenango County, and for this growing, successful company.

• So I’m the one who alerted Brian Golden about that sign at Kurt Beyer pool. Brand new, with Andrew Cuomo’s name on it, it sure looked to me (and anyone who’d seen it since it went up recently, I’d wager) like the city got a new grant to fix the pool. Umm, no. Turns out the sign was a “requirement” of a previous grant – seven years ago – the city got to fix the pool, then. Why it took over half a decade to put up a sign, I don’t know. Confusion aside, Mayor Joe Maiurano says the pool will be open next summer, grants or no. Good. That’s a precious city asset that would be a shame to see go by the wayside.

• On a sad note, sorry to hear of the death of Mary Paino. Mary could always be counted on for a friendly smile (and a readily proffered opinion) both in her role at NHS and at my old favorite Hale Street haunt, John’s Hot Dog Stand. Rest in peace, Mary.