Editor’s Notebook: 8/16/11

Jeff Genung

• All Faired out? As much as we love the annual Chenango County festival, we’re equally as glad when it’s over. All-fair, all-the-time can be taxing on our news sensibilities, not to mention our stomachs. As per tradition, I took the entire Evening Sun news team down to the Fair on Friday afternoon for lunch and … libation. Let’s just say we worked up a thirst watching Brian kick Julian’s $#% in the “Boot Camp” challenge.

• By all accounts, we’re not the only ones who had a great time at the fair. New additions like pro wrestling and an alpaca show drew in crowds, and event organizers were pleased with the week’s success. In case you missed any of the action, I’m pretty sure Frank Speziale captured every nanosecond of it in one of his 1,000 photos taken last week. Evening Sun subscribers get to see them all – just click on the Photo Galleries link on the front page.

• Looks like it was too late in the game for Norwich City Schools to reverse course and go back to semestering. While disappointing for the music students who will be hardest hit by the upcoming change, I have to say I understand the administration’s decision. That Hail Mary move by Mayor Bloomberg in reinstating the January Regents (for what may only be one more time) threw a wrench in things at the last minute … and at this point in the game, it really is the last minute. I don’t think people realize the amount of work that goes on at the schools during the summer. Just because your kids are on vacation, doesn’t mean your school is. And yes, I mean teachers, too. I know more than a few who spend days, if not weeks, preparing their classrooms and lesson plans for the upcoming school year. I love armchair quarterbacking as much as the next guy, but let’s give these guys the benefit of the doubt once in a while.

• In case you couldn’t tell by the plethora of sports analogies in that last paragraph, Pat Newell was on vacation again last week. Now, he’s back in the saddle preparing (along with Frank) for our annual Fall Sports Preview. Stay tuned for details.

• Up next? Blues Fest, this weekend. Brian Golden’s working on a pair of preview stories for later in the week – looks like an impressive lineup!